Over 35,000 students from all around the world have studied kanji with us.
Thousands have successfully passed the JLPT tests thanks to our study method.

We have reinvented the way of studying and memorizing kanji (^_^)

Course with 2,100 kanji lessons (from N5 to N1), more than 8,000 selected words, thousands of exercises, a written test with evaluation for each kanji and hundreds of listening tests, for a total of over 6,500 worksheets! If you are looking for an innovative way to learn kanji, this is the perfect course for you.

In KanjiGO, you will study every kanji which is obligatory in the Japanese school system and for a very reasonable price because our earnings are based on the quantity of students and not on each single subscription. We have worked for more than four years to achieve it, and we know that we have created a very unique way of learning kanji.

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WE HAVE REINVENTED the way of studying and memorizing kanji (^_^)

I signed up for this course having some worries and doubts, but after only a few months I realized that I had made the right choice. This course allows me to have a study plan and with evaluation tests I’m able to see just how much I can memorize, but above all I can also see how much and what I forget, so I can go back and review the specific kanji. If you’re like me and you don’t have money and you study Japanese by yourself, join this course.




I have been working in Sapporo for three years as a university researcher and heard about this course from a Facebook group and decided to sign up. I don’t have a lot of time, but I try to study an hour every night and also on the train coming back home from work. It’s pretty difficult, but I’ve been learning some tricks to improve my memorization skills and I’m making progress. If you are serious about studying kanji, this course is the solution.




KanjiGO is an excellent coach for studying kanji. I knew about the site for quite some time, but after failing my N3 exam I decided to enroll. I liked the course from the start of the first lessons and I immediately noticed the exceptional organization of the lessons and exercises. I recommend this course to all people who are looking for an in-depth alternative method to kanji lessons inside the methods of learning Japanese.




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Over 35,000 students from all around the world have chosen us!

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